FileRun :: PHP File Manager

Access From Anywhere

You can access your files from any computer, phone or tablet. You can either use a web browser, a WebDAV program or BitTorrent Sync. Read more about it here.

Control Your Data

As a business, data privacy, security and control is a requirement. With FileRun, you decide where you store your data, who can access it, and how you want to verify compliance with the requirements of your business - all in one solution.

Web Hosting Friendly

No need for an expensive dedicated server. FileRun works with any VPS and even with budget plans from most of the popular hosting services, such as GoDaddy, Hostgator, BlueHost, RackSpace, HostMonster, FatCow, 1and1, DreamHost, Liquid Web, etc.

User Friendly

The user interface has been designed to be easy to used even by the most non-technical of your clients. There is no learning curve and your users will be thankful for it.

Admin Friendly

FileRun provides all the needed tools for managing large number of users without effort. There is no need for reading long manuals for getting started and your admins will be thankful for it. Check out here a list of admin features.

Budget Friendly

There are no recuring costs, buy once and use forever. The installation takes minutes and it is free! FileRun requires no third-party commercial software, but only free open-source software.

What are our customers saying

With FileRun, we finally found a very easy to setup and maintain application that makes sharing files over the net (even large ones) a breeze! Our users can easily manage their files with the comfortable drag-and-drop approach already known from the daily Windows working environment. And if we have a question about FileRun, we can fully rely on the fast and competent support provided by the FileRun team.
Christian Dähler, Adecco S.A.
Best web-based file sharing software around. The techincal support is very fast, efficient and friendly.
Cristian Gualandri, Microcom Internet Solution
FileRun is an amazing product - a very affordable and comprehensive multiplatform web based storage service with preview, search, collaboration, etc. which has meet all of our client's storage needs - a perfect FTP replacement. FileRun's support and customer service has gone out of their way to fulfill every request and has responded quickly every time."
Jason, Joseph Merritt & Company

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FileRun provides the best way of using your website as a file sharing platform!

Check out the features and see what makes it special.