Download FileRun


Manual install

Current version is: 2017.01.23

For PHP 7 or 5.6: [download zip]

For PHP 5.5: [download zip]

Check the server requirements

Use the installation guide

Using Docker

$ docker pull afian/filerun

Using Cloudron

One-click install from the Cloudron App Store


Desktop sync apps

For Windows: [download exe]

For Mac (OSX 10.9+, 64 bit): [download pkg]

Linux: packages included in openSUSE Tumbleweed, Archlinux and Fedora (on Copr). You can find Ubuntu/Debian packages in this PPA.

Source code (for theming): [GitHub]

Android app

Get it on Google Play

Instant mobile backup
For instant upload of your mobile photos and videos, use Cirrus or Nexcloud. These apps are more limited in functionality but you can have them on the side, for this specific task. It takes just a minute to install and point it to your FileRun backup folder and then you can forget about it.
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