Awesome new FileRun version is now available!

Audio player and organizer

Screenshot of the user interface:

No import required

Just like you do with an FTP server, point FileRun to where you keep the music files on your server and you will get instant web access to them.

Want to access your music also by FTP, SMB or WebDAV (server included)? No problem. Upload, download or manage the same files.

All changes made to the files using FTP or other method reflect via FileRun without delay. (Changes to metadata (ID3) need rescanning though as FileRun doesn't read that in real-time.)

Metadata support

It automatically extracts and index ID3 information (Artist, Title, Album, Duration, Codec) from the files and shows it to you, so you can search and organize your music better.

Add custom metadata fields for any additional information you would like to attach to the audio files. This information can either be automatically extracted from the files, or manually typed by you.

Plays all formats

Plays FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) audio files. In all browsers, without transcoding.

Plays ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec) audio files. In all browsers, without transcoding.

Plays MP3, M4A, AAC, OGG (currently unsupported by IE/Edge) and WEBA.


Turn folders into online play lists with just two clicks. You get an instant PLS file that you can use to stream music to your remote player.

Your music everywhere

Access your music from wherever you are using the free mobile apps.

Sync audio files from your desktop using the free desktop apps.

Access via WebDAV. FileRun comes with its own embedded WebDAV server. No server configuration needed.

A priceless experience

You are welcome to use the FileRun free version for both commercial and non-commerical use.
It provides for 5 user accounts by default. Register your installation and automatically receive 5 more.
NGOs, open-source projects, non-profit hobby clubs, humanitarian groups and similar projects can
contact us for extensions on number of users.
Download the Free Version

Enterprise version

Increase your business productivity with the Enterprise FileRun version.
FileRun for Business